Fix our Aging Infrastructure

If we are to grow our economy, we must fix the system of government that has failed to maintain roads, sewers and waterlines. 

  • Collaborate with municipalities to develop a countywide system to identify and fix all trouble spots in our roads, sewers and waterlines.
  • Build a modern IT network shared with municipalities to develop and deploy best practices to keep costs down, track progress and complete needed repairs and construction.
  • Consolidate water and sewer operations to maximize efficiency, improve service, and protect our environment.
  • Build the community grid option to replace I-81, and enhance transportation options to improve travel between destinations across Onondaga County.

Create Economic Opportunity for All​

Tony understands that we have a divided economy. While Syracuse is on the cusp of an economic resurgence, we have the highest rates of concentrated poverty in the country, and growing businesses struggle with high taxes and finding the workers they need today. Tony knows we must build an inclusive economy that lowers our taxes and helps people advance in their careers.

  • Make government modernization a priority to reduce our taxes and signal to businesses worldwide that Onondaga County is ready for investment.
  • Build partnerships between business and education to support apprenticeships and on-the-job training opportunities.
  • Strengthen workforce development programs to help fuel emerging opportunities in research, technology, engineering and advanced manufacturing.
  • Collaborate with universities, hospitals and other major employers to improve the pipeline of workers they need to keep their institutions strong.
  • Ensure that local residents receive the jobs in major construction projects, including the redevelopment of I-81.
  • Focus community development on mixed-use and mixed-income neighborhood initiatives, and extend access to social services in urban and rural communities to end the social conditions that sustain poverty.
  • Consolidate economic development operations of government to streamline business development programs and remove politics from development initiatives.
  • Create a countywide land use plan and strategic planning process – created with, and adopted by all municipalities to prevent communities from competing against each other.
  • Maintain zoning rules and requirements at the municipal level to protect the unique character of our urban areas, towns and villages.
  • End the pay-to-play system we have in economic development by not accepting any campaign donations from any business or individual doing business with the County.

Improve the Way Government Works

At the heart of Tony’s campaign is to improve the way our government works.  The very basis for government is to effectively provide the infrastructure and services for our economy to flourish and for our communities to remain healthy, safe and strong.  Our system of local government has failed to live up to that expectation across Onondaga County. We can do better.  We must do better!  

  • Make government modernization a priority of County government by collaborating with all municipalities to implement changes that make sense because of good data and analysis, not politics.  
  • Partner with our universities, businesses and civic organizations to bring the best ideas to the table to make government work better for the people.
  • Expand the City of Syracuse iTeam countywide so that all local governments have the resources available to drive innovation and reduce the costs of services. 

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