A Different Kind of Candidate and Campaign for Onondaga County 

Tony Malavenda is a much different candidate and is running a much different kind of campaign than has ever been seen in Onondaga County before. Tony is not from the political establishment or the political class. At 62 years of age, his candidacy is not a stepping stone for some grand political career. He is running because Onondaga County needs change to compete in the 21st century. For decades, the county has lagged behind the nation on almost every significant metric. Tony is an outsider who is running to change those metrics and do what’s best for Onondaga County.


Since the County Executive position was created 60 years ago, only three people have been elected. None of the Onondaga County Executive races have been competitive.  Tony Malavenda is changing all that. The last Democratic County Executive candidate raised less than $15,000, Tony Malavenda has raised $455,000. Tony has the resources to compete against a flawed incumbent and communicate like no previous Democratic candidate has.  


Onondaga County is Getting Bluer

Democrats now outnumber Republicans in Onondaga County by almost 28,000. While Onondaga County has only ever elected Republican County Executives, only three in over 50 years, the county is regularly won by Democrats for Gubernatorial, Congressional, Senatorial, and Presidential races.  Moreover, Tony’s four decades in business and independence from party politics are attributes that attract Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike. The County has the votes for Tony to win, so our campaign will focus on communicating with the voters and getting them out on election day.


Ryan McMahon is a Majorly Flawed Career Politician  

Ryan McMahon became County Executive through a backroom deal, not an election. McMahon has only represented a terribly gerrymandered County Legislative district with only 17,651 voters. He is a poster boy for pay-to-play politics in Onondaga County– whether it’s buying leadership in the county legislature or doling out tax breaks to developers. Every election is about change, and Onondaga County is ripe for it. The choice is clear, Tony Malavenda with a lifetime of experience in the municipal infrastructure industry and creating jobs, or Ryan Mcmahon with experience in a broken political system that stymies opposition, narrows the marketplace of ideas, inhibits change, and keeps the same people and families in power.


Thank you for reading and I am happy to answer any questions that you may have. Don’t hesitate to call me at 203-535-8402.


Thank You,

Ben Young

Campaign Manager Tony Malavenda for County Executive