Tony Malavenda, Democratic Candidate for Onondaga County Executive announced today that his campaign in the July periodic report raised $454,283 and had $324,307 on hand.  

“I am pleased to report that in the July periodic reporting period my campaign showed that we were able to amass more money than my opponent while spending less. Being able to invest my own money in this campaign has allowed me to meet voters where they are. In the past 4 months, I have been to more than one hundred events including community meetings, forums, information sessions and house parties.  I have learned more about the county and its residents in that time then I did in my 62 years living here.” said Malavenda.

“The most important aspect of our fundraising has been the freedom it allows my campaign. I don’t need to spend 40 hours a week begging wealthy folks for money or meet with law firms and developers to curry favor. I’m lucky to spend my days speaking with everyday citizens who are living the issues we are running on. My time in the office of the County Executive will be spent serving those very same citizen.”


About Tony Malavenda 

Malavenda kicked off his campaign for Onondaga County Executive on February 26th to challenge career politician Ryan McMahon. Malavenda was born and raised in the county and now lives with his wife, Martine, who owns Upstate Yoga Institute. His daughter Emily recently graduated from medical school at SUNY Upstate Medical University, and his daughter Sarah worked at Digital Hyve in downtown Syracuse and is headed to the University of Michigan to pursue a graduate degree in social work.