Tony Malavenda, Democratic Candidate for Onondaga County Executive issued a statement responding to the President Trump’s racist tirades on Twitter, and the lack of response by appointed County Executive Ryan McMahon.

“Just three weeks ago, a refugee won a primary for Common Council, Chol Majok, and now our President is questioning the allegiance of New Americans.  I understand that local politics is more about pipes and potholes than it is about grand partisan issues that so divide this Country. Still, in a county with one of the fastest growing refugee populations, our leaders should be the first to denounce the racist comments made by our President over the weekend.  Our county is representative of the country at-large and every Onondagan knows that our diversity is our strength.”

Malavenda continued, “It’s time for all of us to come together and reassure our neighbors, that this is your home and we will defend you against anyone who says otherwise.  Silence is a choice, and shame on leaders who choose to remain quiet in the face of hate creeping across our country. As County Executive, I will work to empower every member of our community and not to allow anyone to denigrate them, not even the President of the United States.

“I call on Ryan McMahon to call out President Trump on his vitriolic, race-baiting, tweets and not to remain silent as he (Ryan McMahon) did in the face of the voter suppression tactic to limit early voting sites in Onondaga County.”