Onondaga County has been fined for 90 million gallons of sewage pouring into Onondaga Lake from a pipe that has been problematic for over four years. The county will be fined $5,300 but could have been fined $37,500 daily. The Democratic County Executive Candidate, Tony Malavenda, is frustrated with the county’s slow response time to such issues. 

Malavenda states, “Sewers have been my business for 40 years. We should not assume that the state will remain so forgiving, as they are essentially waiving fines of $37,500 per day while our officials talk about building beaches. We should question such investments when we have profound sewer infrastructure problems. Repairing our sewer systems will be expensive and deserves our full attention. If done incorrectly, the original estimates of half a billion dollars will be wishful thinking. But with experienced leadership, we may find efficient ways to reduce that cost.

I spoke about these issues when I ran for County Legislature in 1983. I even wrote about it in my newsletter. To see that these issues remain the same today, if not worse, is more than frustrating.” 

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