June 5, 2019


Ben Young


Syracuse, N.Y. – Tony Malavenda, Democratic Candidate for Onondaga County Executive issued a statement responding to the recent vote of the Common Council.

“I applaud the city of Syracuse Common Council for their vote to amend the city charter in order to establish an independent, non-partisan group to draw district boundaries.  The partisan use, and I would say abuse, of gerrymandering has been undermining democracy in Onondaga County for decades. In a strong democracy, voters should be picking their politicians, not politicians picking their voters.  Addressing gerrymandering at the county level is a pillar of our campaign due to the unwillingness of the current crop of politicians in the County Legislature to address it. The City of Syracuse serves as a model for our county and our country.” said Malavenda

About Tony Malavenda

Malavenda kicked off his campaign for Onondaga County Executive on February 26th to challenge career politician Ryan McMahon. Malavenda was born and raised in the county and now lives with his wife, Martine, who owns Upstate Yoga Institute. His daughter Emily recently graduated from medical school at SUNY Upstate Medical University, and his daughter Sarah worked at Digital Hyve in downtown Syracuse and is headed to the University of Michigan to pursue a graduate degree in social work.