The Onondaga County Board of Elections announced six early voting sites earlier this month.  This is despite being allowed up to eight sites, fully funded by New York State.

“The law allows for these additional sites with funding being provided by New York State, there’s no reason to sell our residents short by not taking full advantage.  Given the fact that OCC, one of the most logical sites, has offered to be an early voting location, it best serves the democratic process in Onondaga County to take them up on their offer.  The northeastern residents of our county should also have a site made convenient to them, for example, at the Cicero Town Hall. Anything we do to increase voter participation should be valued and fully taken advantage of, so I urge Ryan McMahon to join me in calling on the Onondaga County Board of Elections to include these two sites,” said Tony Malavenda.

Malavenda continued
“By having an additional early voting site at Onondaga Community College, many people will have convenient access to an early voting site on their daily commute in addition to the many students who have limited access to transportation.  OCC is located in the town of Onondaga and adjacent to Camillus, two of the most populated southern towns. With the addition of OCC and Cicero Town Hall, we maximize voter participation and minimize lengthy waits during early voting”.

About Tony Malavenda

Malavenda kicked off his campaign for Onondaga County Executive on February 26th to challenge career politician Ryan McMahon. Malavenda was born and raised in the county and now lives with his wife, Martine, who owns Upstate Yoga Institute. His daughter Emily recently graduated from medical school at SUNY Upstate Medical University, and his daughter Sarah worked at Digital Hyve in downtown Syracuse and is headed to the University of Michigan to pursue a graduate degree in social work.